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BeerBreweryABV (%)CommentsScore:/10
Farmers GloryWadworth4.70Moderate red colour. Rich and malty, very obvious orange peel. Not a session, but strength akin to Broadside.8.0
Double Chocolate StoutWells and Youngs5.20Multi-medal winning dark ale, with complex rich chocolate malts and full mouthfeel. Quite sweet. Perfect beer to end an evening, or as comfort ale.9.0
Small CopperWentworth4.10Striking cross between a golden and copper-coloured bitter . Various sour notes. Shows potential6.5
St MungoWest Beer4.90Tight bitterness, light but filling with rounded fizzziness and butter on nose to follow through. A/t is dry bitterness that disappears on tongue (touches sides), but holds and follows through finishing crisp8.0
Grasshopper Kentish BeerWesterham3.80Rich dark ale, slight co2, caramel texture aftertaste. Similar to Shepherd Neames, due (no doubt) to their similar reliance on the Kent hops.7.0
Guv'nor CiderWestons4.80Made with Pierre Marco-White, it's a high tannin cider with light co2 and hazy look. Unremarkable, but drinkable. Better with food, maybe? (e.g. french onion soup, shropshire blue cheese, scotch eggs)7.0
Westvleteren 12Westvleteren10.20Dark ruby, soft foam, fruit and floral aroma (could be perfume!), strong taste of anything you want it to be.9.5
Flower PowerWhim 5.30Sherbet nose, lemon zest, bitter after-taste. Light amber in colour, with pangs of crushed paracetamol!5.0
Dabinett Medium SVWhin Hill of Norfolk6.70Good strength, slightly filmic.7.0
NightjarWhite Park4.50Aromd of roasted malts starts well, but lack of complex tastes, and watery follow through, is a let down6.0
BobWickwar4.00Light and malt tastes, dry bitterness.7.0
Wilkins DryWilkins6.00Dry, warm, and soft. Good apple acidity. Fluid taste.7.5
AlbaWilliam Bros Brewing Company7.50Tawny brown with spruce flavours and rich malt. The 'pine needle' infusion might appear as a gimmick, but that doesn't stop it been highly drinkable.8.0
FraochWilliam Bros Brewing Company5.00Amber ale with moderate malt taste, herbal (heather) flavours, and flora aroma. Good dry finish.8.5
KelpieWilliam Bros Brewing Company4.40Rich chocolate beer with touch of salt. Claims to be seaweed - could be, but just salt and 'interesting' tastes to my buds.7.5
GrozetWilliam Bros Brewing Company5.00A gooseberry beer. Gimmick, for sure, but as a doubly fermented beer that's half way between light ale and wheat beer is more drinkable that it should be!8.0
EbulumWilliam Bros Brewing Company6.50Black ale fused with elderberry. High hopes since it's fruity with soft palate and soft roasted malt flavourings. Good in a stew, but confused as a beer with conflicting tastes.7.0
Medium sweetWinkleigh 6.00Thin, looks like weak cordial. Boisterous taste. Better as an accompaniment.5.0
Medium DryWinkleigh 6.00Similar to the Winkleigh sweet, but more solid, and flavoursome. Goes well with fish & chips!6.5
DubbleWitkap Pater 7.00Strong, solid brown. Like a winter ale, without having the xmas branding. It holds a wet aftertaste.8.0
Woild MoildWolf4.80Slight chocolate taste, with tight bitterness. Full fizz with big bubbles, but low carbonation follow through which then disapates quickly. Aftertaste is caramel biscuit. By end, it's almost caramel water7.0
Golden JackalWolf3.70Hoppy taste with flowers and citrus. Decent, but unremarkable.7.0
HorsesugarWood Street3.90A light malty taste, without an abundance of hop, by slightly tart. Something to have in halves.7.5
Cornish BucaneerWooden hand4.30Golden beer with Maris Otter pale ale, emphasising hop. Full fruit and light cream aroma. Short dry finish.7.0
Butty BachWye Valley Brewery4.50Full but understated ale, disipating head, smooth and light with dedicate fizz.8.5
Dorothy Goodbodys Country AleWye Valley Brewery6.00Dark ruby, with full head. Mixed malt taste, with floral after notes.7.0
Dorothy Goodbodys Golden AleWye Valley Brewery4.20Great aroma of hops and citris, with smooth flow and gentle mouthfeel. Has a few bubbles. Earthy finish8.0
Dorothy Goodbodys Christmas AleWye Valley Brewery6.00Golden ruby, full malts, delicate spice aroma. Roast character at side. Could almost be a porter.7.5
Dorothy Goodbody Wholesome StoutWye Valley Brewery4.60Black, with a full and creamy head. Slightly dry, nutty and chocolate notes on the nose, with a slight thin fizz.9.0
4x4Wye Valley Brewery4.40Light golden ale, with sparkling fizz. Straight and fresh taste. Good aroma. No a lot of aftertaste. Better than expected for a branded ale.7.5
Landlords ChoiceWylam4.60Golden hoppy beer. Akin to Discovery.7.0

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