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BeerBreweryABV (%)CommentsScore:/10
Old SlugRCH Brewery4.50Coffee and chocolate focused porter. Notes of blackcurrant and black cherry. 6.5
Steam SleighRCH Brewery3.80Light gold with bitter caramel, light with citrus zest. Light color with small but pleasant head. Sweet aroma. Nothing Christmasy7.0
Redhook ESBRedhook5.80Like full sail, with extra bitterness. ESB might be modeled after UK-style ESB, but it isn't.7.5
Rhymney DarkRhymney 4.00Good rounded brown mild, with touches of licorice. Aftertaste cuts out immediately, but returns seconds later with bitterness.7.0
Old BobRidley's, through Greene King5.10Rounded, smooth, red bitter. Dark fruity aroma. Enjoyable direct mouthfeel.8.0
Rigas PilsRigas 5.20Lithuianian pils with slightly sharp bitterness. Highly CO2, which holds.5.5
Stout Kong ArthurRise Bryggeri6.00Dense black beer, with roast grain and bitter chocolate on the nose. Rich roasted grain and smooth warming taste, between a stout and a mild. Would hold its own in the UK stout market8.0
ÆRØ Grolle PilsnerRise Bryggeri4.60Golden with fizz appearance with pleasant citrus aroma. Creamy pils with bitterness. Taste lingers longer than other pils beers. Compares well to Bangla.7.0
Indian Pale AleRise Bryggeri5.50Pleasant golden colour but undiscernable aroma. On a par with most other UK IPA's however a little less bitter. Slight caramel after taste. Organic version is more sour, this is sweeter.7.3
ÆRØ Hertug Hans - No 5 ValnodRise Bryggeri7.00Good transition beer, that red fruit colour and maple aroma and flavour in a beer. Good with ribs or proper burger and chips with American bbq sauces or other sweet smoky sauces with a tomato base. Elements of AoverT or Tay Berry.7.5
ÆRØ Dark AleRise Bryggeri6.00Deep brown colour with a mild grain smell. Tastes of rich solid roasted grain, with a hint of caramel. Would hold it's own against most UK brown ales. The organic version has elements of cognac.7.5
Yule AleRise Bryggeri7.00Reddish ale with sweet and slightly spicy tang and gentle fizz. Has notes of a less rich ESB. Touch of banana.9.0
Old TomRobinsons8.50Strong ale, good lasting head. Warm pepperish taste that's pure liquid licorice. A comfort beer, in every sense.9.0
Mr ScroogeRobinsons4.40Ruby colour and minimal off-white head. Thin texture, rolling bitterness over tongue. Light caramel with nutty tones.7.0
Cwrw Draig AurRobinsons4.10Disapointing beer from an other exceptional brewer. The empty malt taste belies the apparent full body and rich malt and hops.6.0
Rochefort Trappist 10Rochefort 11.30Deep rich aroma, chocolate with sweetness and licorice.9.5
Black holeRoman5.60Grolsch with a metallic hue. But, considering it’s only a pils, it’s not that bad.4.0
Adriaen BrouwerRoman5.00Highly fermented brown beer, dark taste, but hollow4.0
HoneyfuzzRothervalley3.80Dark golden colour, with mild sweetness on nose, and dark honey-ish taste. Fuller bitter aftertaste. Not traditional honey in any way.7.0
Nazca IPARothhammer4.70Very clean golden beer, with thin body similar to Einstock.7.0
Brave Red AleRothhammer4.50Deep amber with red. Cream head. Fruit touches with orange and sweetness.7.0

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