Here are the beer cellar reviews, listed according to their scores. Those graded with identical scores are listed together, without any significance to their internal order.

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BeerBreweryABV (%)CommentsScore:/10
Super BockUnicer5.60Pale honey yellow, without head and targets lager boys. Unmalted cereals, with glucose syrups so not a bright lager.5.0
Super Bock - AbadiaUnicer6.40No real sense of aroma, same smooth syrup of the normal Super Bock. Slightly fizzy, enveloping light creamy caramel.7.0
Super Bock - LemonUnicer4.00Overiding lemon syrup with strains of Desperados, but with additional sweetness. Similar tannins of whisky beer.7.5
Super Bock - StoutUnicer5.00Same visual look as cola. Soft coffee cream texture. co2 on side of mouth, smooth feel once this goes. Not stout in the traditional word.7.0
Bowling JackUnknown0.00Found in Krakow. Has an edge of bitterness with cuts off any flavour developing. Needs food to divert from this fact. +1 to score if food is present.6.0
Primator ZalozenoUnknown0.00A far too sour wheat beer. Might be ok for extremists.4.0
Rince CochonUnknown Flandres8.50Fragrant and oily beer, with extra hop. Would be considered a good supermarket branded beer, but pretends to be more7.0
PunterUpham4.00Amber with a homebrewed wort syrup taste. Toasted grain doesn't come through properly.6.5

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