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BeerBreweryABV (%)CommentsScore:/10
Pear CidreL'Atypique4.50Tangy and clean, proving that pear doesn't need to taste like pear drops.8.0
La Binchoise BruneLa Binchoise8.20Very deep ruby red brown. Respectable, but uneventful.6.0
L'AngelusLa Chapelle d'Armentieres7.00Fragrant pale ale with fizz, and stoic aftertaste. Amusing label design of religious fervor.8.0
HellfireLeeds5.20Smooth mouthfeel at start, slight fruit, bitterness throughout.7.0
BarbarLefebvre8.00Bitter and fizzy that often loses the honey taste. Second fermentation in bottle.6.0
Moeder OversteLefébvre8.00A triple, should have been an easy win for me, snatched with the appearance of a sour lager muscling in. Other, good triple - light, refreshing, and all the usual stuff.7.0
Leffe BruneLeffe6.50Very dark colour will fullsome head. Roasted malt, caramel, bitter and sweet. Server at 3-5 degrees in a wet chalice glass.9.5
Smokin AngelLeighton Buzzard4.50Light-weight rauchbier, with smoke, malt, and all the expected tastes. But in a "lite" format. Still worthwhile.8.0
GladiatorLilley's8.50Strong rustic cider, like a slightly thinned scrumpy with raw touches, without being painful8.0
Mango CiderLilley's4.00A 4% fruit juice. Apple and Mango mix is a bit confused, tasting moving from one to the other, and then none. A for effort. B for execution.7.0
Little Big BeerLittle Big Beer2.00Intended as a lunch-time beer with taste. It is: but taste of hazelnut and coffee in odd ratios. In 2016 was brewed by Bath Ales, and it takes like their usual but gone off a bit.6.0
Little Creatures Pale AleLittle Creatures5.20Hop (Chinook and Cascade) nose, creamy malt mouth feel. Golden syrup in color, with smallish head. Very pleasant.8.0
The Ale of LevenLoch Lomond4.50Hopefully this was off as the notes of sour vinegar didn't match the description of a sweet yet spicy, amber ale5.0
MilestoneLoxley4.20Fairly standard ale, low bitterness, moderate cream.. but an extra surprise if you gulp, as it tastes like cheese and onion crisps.7.5
YoreLyme Bay Winery4.00Like a popularist cider: bright, sparkling, fun, but with honey through line7.5
EventideLyme Bay Winery5.00Golden cider. Crisp with bittersweet at end. Solid and dependable.7.0

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