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BeerBreweryABV (%)CommentsScore:/10
BlondeDaleside3.90Pale and golden beer with the usual blend of hops and malt in both aroma and aftertaste. The latter quickly dies. Good, but unexceptional.7.0
Spring FrenzyDaleside Brewery3.40Light, touch above bland, but without bite. Mellow cream on mouth.7.0
Dry CiderDan y Graig6.00Dry cider with apple bite, but overall furry mouthfeel (even early on) makes it non-session. Have a half.6.0
Winter MeltdownDark Star5.00Ginger tang not unlike Thai curry. Holds well. Mild caramel aftertaste on tongue7.0
Old WallopDavy's4.80Malty, light co2, but rich beer similar to Directors or Speckled Hen7.5
Hel;lekapelleDe Bie5.00Golden blond, very light taste, with extra kick in aftertaste.6.5
Dulle Teve, TripleDe Dolle10.00"Mad Bitch" Musky amber, thin head, non-sour geuze. Evolving taste.7.0
Ara bierDe dolle brouwers8.00Golden haze with big head. Fizzy with tart apple tastes, but largesse in dryness and tart aftertaste which lingers for too long imo. 7.0
De Graal TripelDe Graal Brewery9.00Full, rounded and smooth. Malty aftertaste.7.0
La Trappe Dubbel De Koningshoeven Brewery7.00Dark ruby red, light foamy head, slightly yeast aroma and continuing flavour. Yeast can be piercing in places.7.5
La Trappe BlondeDe Koningshoeven Brewery6.50Light, zesty, and bold. Fresh and fruity. Golden in colour, lightly hopped. Elements of apples and pears, and slight citrus follow through. Slightly too much co27.0
La Trappe TripleDe Koningshoeven Brewery8.00Dark blonde. Full, fruity bittersweet beer. Caramel sweet mouthfeel, bitter on back, comes and holds in aftertaste.7.0
La Trappe WitteDe Koningshoeven Brewery5.50Fresh smell, hints of mild German blond beers. Slightly cloudy white, making it more akin to German wheat, than Dutch wheat beers. e.g Hoegaarden. Aftertaste disspates quickly. Only trappist wheat beer.7.0
Op & TopDe Molen4.50Dutch hoppy beer. Trying to be too clever, and turns out like every other hoppy 'artisan' beer7.5
BoerkenDe Proefbrouwerij9.50Dark ruby red with fullsome head. Good aroma, nice solid bitterness & extra layer of port as it hits the throat. Flavour dissipates with food.7.0
AngelDelhaize (contracted)8.50Golden colour with soft white foam head. Bright aroma with esters. Solid m/f and taste despite looking like pils. Slight bitter a/t. Not unpleasant, but lacking positive quality as _something_ is not fitting (pos sugar)7.0
Pink KillerDeSilly4.70Citrisy (grapefruit) blonde, refreshing. Good for long hot summer days, or to lighten the pallet after a brown. 7.0
Chapeau LemonDeTroch3.50Amber beer, competing lemon and bitter.9.0
Diebels AltDiebels4.80Dark amber brown beer, butn t light iaste with malt and bitterness. Rolls across tongue nicely.7.0
DinkelackerDinkelacker0.00Translucent col colour, light on fizz, almost (store branded) cola taste - including of fizz. But with soft malt over tongue. Too straight a drink to be beer, but tasty as a soft malt drink.7.0
CanadaDominion4.00A dark amber beer that lacks any notes of distinction. But it's from Essex, so can't be given any lower than 5.5.0
Smokestack Lightnin'Dorking4.00Quite fizzy, but rounded and wort-like but without sweetness. Claims smoke, but not rauchen.6.5
Dreher PilsDreher 5.20Clean crisp, pils, with a full head. From Hungary's oldest brewery.6.0
Waterloo DoubleDu Bocq8.50Brown and ruby colour, but straight brown taste. Slight fruit materializes on the back of the palet after a few seconds.7.5
Waterloo BloneDu Bocq7.50Fairly smooth, aftertaste of Co2, but otherwise non-descript fizziness, and average blone taste6.0
Bush AmberDuboission12.00Strong beer, despite the colour. Bitter sweet with strong firmness.9.5
Peche Mel BushDuboission8.50Very peach smell. Bush-style solidity. Very obviously Bush, but has fighting tastes. 10 seconds into aftertaste get pungent mouth.7.0
SmithwickDundalk (Diageo)3.80Light cream tongue, with fizz. But nothing else special enough to write about6.0
TemptationDurham Brewery10.00A Russian stout with black body, cola-like head, with brown scintilating head rounded bitterness with soft chocolate malts, hints of burnt coffee and licorice.8.0

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