Here are the beer cellar reviews, listed according to their scores. Those graded with identical scores are listed together, without any significance to their internal order.

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BeerBreweryABV (%)CommentsScore:/10
Mary JaneIlkley3.50Pale crisp, with citrus and prickly bitterness. Needs to be gulped.7.0
Toasted Oak IPAInnis & Gunn5.60Light biscuit malt, overpowered by the usual range of floral/earth/citrus. Good a/t. Good beer, but given their others, it's a let down.7.5
Lia FailInveralmond4.00Reasonable bitter, with fruit layers over tongue which hold well. Similar tastes to fruit and nut chocolate (+1 if you like that) Don't let it stand, as it turns sharp at end.6.0

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