Here are the beer cellar reviews, listed according to their scores. Those graded with identical scores are listed together, without any significance to their internal order.

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BeerBreweryABV (%)CommentsScore:/10
Dancing HenFelstar6.00Brewed using double decoction. Quite sweet, but other many interest flavours, none of them easy to describe. Therefore, try it!8.5
Feodale de la Roche BruneFeodale de la Roche7.00barley wine texture with mouthfeel of rich wine. Better smell than taste. Gulp for taste, but cleanse with food after, since aftertaste isn't so good.7.0
Firefly BitterFirefly0.00Light, slight fizz, no head, dark golden colour with lacings.7.5
DesperadosFischer 5.90'Desperate' in Spanish, and flavoured with tequila. Tries to give a macho image to pleasant alcopop!7.0
AdelscottFischer6.60Clear amber pils, with small head, but made with Whisky. Fruity notes and salmon aroma and dry finish. Good coating at end. Fizziness is similar to lager.9.0
Floris PassionFloris3.00Grassy bouquet, very gueze-like, nice, although not much detectable passion fruit.6.5
Floris HoneyFloris4.50Strong set honey taste and texture over tongue. Nice bitter at edge, but not as all encompassing as honey ales like Waggledance. Uses wheat beer as base7.0
Nelson's BloodFox5.10A rum-oriented, barley wine styled, ale. Very syrupy, which satiates the palate too quickly. Should be drunk like rum.7.0
Santa's NutsFox Brewery4.80Mild in structure, but not aromatic in anyway. Thin. Tastes a bit like hairspray, with raspy-ness on tongue.4.0
Früh KölschFrüh4.80Pils like Sion Kölsch, but with hoppy aftertaste that grows in mouth.7.5
Organic DarkFreedom4.70Not dark, but dark golden/ruby with a soft cream and light bitterness. The bitterness re-touches the palate in the aftertaste. Touch of sweetness8.0
iron BrewFreeminer4.20A red ale, but without anything much to say. Nothing bad. Nothing great.7.0
La Jean de NivellesFriart (La Roeuk)7.00Fruity dark beer, slightly caramel sides.6.5
Full SailFull sail brewery6.00Light amber API with hoppy nose, but thin taste and texture. Like a watered down beer. Fizz helps make it refreshing.7.0
Golden PrideFullers8.50Mahogany red, with toffee, spices, and malt flavours. Imagine a London Pride, but turned to 11.9.0
DiscoveryFullers4.20Lager malts for lightness with slight biscuit flavours and a fruity zest. Rarely used Saaz hops. Intended for summer.7.5
1845Fullers6.30Highly spiced, rich, copper/ruby ale. Bottled only. Good malt, slight sour taste, but pleasent. Fullsome mouthfeel.8.5
Golden Pride (tap)Fullers8.50As stunning as the bottled variety, with extra heat on a/t, like aroma of double salt licorice. Needs a coupe of mouthfulls to get into it.9.0

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