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BeerBreweryABV (%)CommentsScore:/10
Shed Head Backyard Brewery4.60US-style IPA dry hopped with Cascade and Citra, but very much a Pale Ale. Fulfills on its promises7.5
Pickled PartridgeBadger (aka Hall & Woodhouse)4.60Dark orange/amber colour. Slight hollowness to it, with touch of caramel.6.0
Golden DropBarbourne5.00Apple juice with passion fruit tang. No fizz. Highly pleasant.8.0
Cherry StoutBartrams4.80Similar to Mackeson's in consistency, with chocolate. Slight chestnut on side of mouth. Cherry is almost hidden!7.0
Bavaria Oud bruinBavaria 3.50Light other bavaria beer, but fizzy like cola7.0
Wittekerk RoseBavik4.30Wheat-based fruit beer. Raspberry aroma. Not too sweet.8.0
Wittekerke WitbierBavik5.00Beer for a hot summers day. Light, not overpowering taste. Slight cactus and/or lime.6.0
Black Dog FreddyBeckstones3.80Black in name and nature. Not hollow, but balanced and slight in taste and a/t. Mellow throughout, while keeping all characteristics of a mild. Grows to session.8.0
CubicBeerd4.50Triple hopped pale ale. Strong fruit and citrus.7.0
Worth the WaitBeeston4.20Golden ale, with slightly sparkling. Dry bitterness, with extra co2 on aftertaste.7.5
The BearsBig Hug Brewing5.00A red rye ale, which is fulfilled adequately, but with more notes of an off-colour pale.7.0
Big Lamp BitterBig Lamp3.90Straight bitter taste and texture.6.0
Old ArthurBig Lamp4.25Thin textured with cider flow,but with bitter head. Has notes of lime.7.0
Schöfferhofer HefeweizenBinding-Brauerei (Oetker Group)5.00Sweet apple and citrus aroma. Amber colour wheat beer with tang of green banana. Not much of aftertaste, which is fortunate given the fruits already present.8.0
La Zia AleBirra Damare5.50Trying too hard to be different with rosemary and artichoke's in the brew. Fails.5.0
Noir de DottingniesBr. de Ranke9.00Widely regarded, but strangely uninteresting to me. Deep tasting, bitter, and malty.7.0
Welsh Pride (Balchder Cymru)Bragdy Conwy Brewery4.00Pale with decent enough taste, but satiates quickly6.0
Bread of HeavenBrains4.00Highly average age, pretending to be a light ruby.6.0
Brakspear TripleBrakspear7.20Nuts in taste, and on the nose. With soft caramel and malts. Like and English Chimay. Has three processes. Goes with blue cheese.9.0
Brand PilsBrand5.00Despite being a pils, and from Heineken, this has a good hoppy taste which follows through into aftertaste. In short pils with bite and interest. Not disilimar to Urquell.8.5
Brand UrtypBrand5.50Original recipe pils with mild hop, which strengthen on aftertaste. More watery than standard6.5
Brand Dark BrownBrand3.50Brown ale, like name suggests. Light malt taste (like a malzbier-lite), strong aftertaste of hop and honey, with all tastes pulling together.8.0
Brand ImperatorBrand6.50Amber, rich rounded taste but dissapates quickly. Mild CO2 content.7.0
EquinoxBrasserie De La Senne8.00Deep ruby to black in colour. Opens with fruity hops and strong bitterness, followed by a good continuing bitterness in the mouthfeel which lingers well into the aftertaste7.5
Taras Boulba Brasserie De La Senne4.50Slightly cloudy, not as bitter on initial taste as thought as it's balanced with quite a high hop content. But this beds down on tongue, and holds in a/t, to reveal solid bitterness.7.5
Jenlain AmbreeBrasserie Duyck7.50Very odd amber beer, in a can. An amber can. Strong and nutty flavours, and quite palatable.7.5
Quintine-La Biere des CollinesBrasserie Ellezelloise8.50Pitch black, line of bitterness at back sides of mouth.6.0
BersalisBrasserie Oud Beersel9.50Recently created beer. Light blond, extra bitterness aftertaste with sweet aroma. With improvement could be a Leffe.7.5
Queue de CharrueBrasserie Vanuxeem5.40A Vieille brune flamande (old Flemmish brown) with excellent sour notes and an over hint on balsamic vinegar. (In a good way.)8.0
Ayinger JahrhundertbierBrauerei Aying5.50Draw straw colour, caramel and toffee in mouth.8.0
Ayinger WinterbockBrauerei Aying6.70Very much like a dark lager, mixed with a mild.8.0
Rauchbier MärzenBrauerei Heller-Trum5.10A slightly red, smoked beer! Like bacon or kippers, but never overpowering.9.0
Ramblers RuinBreconshire Brewery5.00Dark amber beer made with crystal and black malts. Mild tastings, smooth with sensible head and good body. Holds with soft malt in mouth. Touch of biscuit.8.0
Golden ValleyBreconshire Brewery4.20Single variety soft hop. Gentle and direct bitterness with subtle tastes. Session.7.5
Saison - 01|05 - Saphir & LemonBrew by Numbers5.30Light and refreshing, but with taste. Impressive piece of work.8.5
Stout - 08|01 - Export StrengthBrew by Numbers6.60The stout's also good, with more of an espresso tang that I was expecting.7.5
IPA is Dead - ChallengerBrewdog6.70Hop-based, light ale, following with a light cream. A real contrast to the other two. I think I was offered this to offset the cost of the others, actually! It is too hoppy for me to session this, but a good, but not remarkable beer.7.5
BerneBrewers Union5.00Unfiltered light golden/amber ale. Slightly dry, with slight rum notes and cream.7.5
Gulden DraakBrewery Van Steenberge10.50Triple. Dark as Kasteel Bruin, with a light tart-ness like a Faro or Gueuze. Good beer, but not sure what it wants to be.8.0
PerryBroadoak7.50Mild pear drop taste, with very weak lime over the top. No fizz. Infinitely drinkable8.5
Brodies MildBrodies 3.60Dry, slightly fizzy. Classic in an 'also-run' kinda way7.0
Brodies AmarillaBrodies 4.20Pale ale with unusual (Armarilla) hop. Like a weak Bulgarian brandy, but without the aromatic nose.6.0
NightporterBronckhorster8.00Pitch black stout. Chocolate, coffee, and liquorice. Too strong a coffee (for me) w/ berry hints. (7/10 for me 8.5 if you're coffee fan)8.5
Severn Valley Railway Manor AleBrooklyn Beer4.20Dark golden colour with full hop mouthfeel, and slightly heavy texture.7.0
Brooklyn BeerBrooklyn Brewery5.20Light soft malts, mild hop. Not your usual pils, but tastes ok.7.0
Den 12Brouwerij 't Gaverhopke12.00Dark brown with beige foam. Solid fruit tastes, but nothing lingers. Lost opportunity, but drinkable for 3-4 glasses.7.5
Duivel BierBrouwerij Boon8.00Translates as either Devil or Diabolical. Strong dark beer, with solid bitterness, but hollow taste. Don't confused with Duvel.5.0
Rodenbach Grand CruBrouwerij Rodenbach (Palm)6.00"Happy Juice"9.0
ZinnebirBrouwerij Sint-Pieters5.50Straight blond, but with hanging bitterness. Strong malt on nose. Graininess on 1st mouth, giving way to lingering tight bitterness. IPA bitterness7.0
St Bernardus Abt 12Brouwerij ST.Bernard10.50Dark colour with soft rich flavour, and elements of fruit.9.0
GrottenbierBrouwerij ST.Bernard6.50Kept cool in caves at 11, this has 2nd bottle fermentation, and medium dark look with more taste than expected. Really tasty.9.0
Kasteel BruneBrouwerij Van Honsebrouck11.00Top fermented with barley malt. Full bitter mouthfeel, long linger sweet aftertaste.9.0
Kasteel BlondeBrouwerij Van Honsebrouck11.00Good blonde leanings, with fizz. Both dissipate.8.0
Kasteel RougeBrouwerij Van Honsebrouck8.00Red due to cherry, not ruby. Morello cherry aroma, with slight bitterness in a cherry pie filling. Long lingering aftertaste. Vibrant mouthfeel. Too much taste for many.7.5
Gentse Trippel Brouwerij Van Steenberge8.00Wet, bitter, decent after kick7.0
Duchesse de Bourgogne Brouwerij Verhaeghe 6.009.0
HarnasBrowar Okocim5.70Light creamy, yellow golden. Can produce large head. Starts well, but goes down hill afterwards due to build up of a/t7.0
Oatmeal StoutBuntingford4.40Solid chocolate mild, with bitterness bite on back of palete. Solid taste. Slight coffee tang to it.7.5
Monty's DoubleBurnards Cider6.00Dry cider. Slightly cloudy orangey colour, mild fizz only. Tart enough to be enjoyable without overpowering, with 1/2 the mouthfeel of a pear drop (but no pear taste.)7.5
Monty's DoubleBurnards Cider6.00Dry cider. Slightly cloudy orangey colour, mild fizz only. Tart enough to be enjoyable without overpowering, with 1/2 the mouthfeel of a pear drop (but no pear taste.)7.5

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