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BeerBreweryABV (%)CommentsScore:/10
C K JasneC K Brower0.00Like Urqell. Good and bright pils. Slight spice, but slightly tart7.5
WeizenC K Brower0.00W/o the usual banana overload, but as if a lemon had been dropped in7.5
IngwerC K Brower0.00Smooth, light fizz. Touch of giners8.0
DunkelC K Brower0.00Light malt, light fizz, doesn't stain palate. Inoffensive version of something that should have been better7.5
MiodoweC K Brower0.00Musky fruit beer, w/pungent a/t Too much spice and honey. But still tasty.8.0
CullodenCairngorm4.20Ruby red with port and fruit notes. Dry finish, and occasional other fruits.7.5
Santas Little HelperCaledonian3.70This is copper red in colour with a large foam head and already looks the Christmas part. Malt aroma, with sweet caramel taste, but ending in bitterness. Slight tangs of fruit and leaf.7.5
Strong ArmCamerons4.00Deep ruby red coloured ale. Small full cream head. Tingles on tongue before a rush of smooth cream overpowers it. Lefted with creamed layer on tongue, and velvet head on lips.8.5
Cantillon GeuzeCantillon Brewery5.00Organic gueuze with and old smell, and no cider. Parallels to cider with tartness to mouth, no sweetness.6.0
ForestinneCaracole Brewery7.50The Elven bikini cartoon on the label introduces the svelte citrus taste of this nice but mostly uneventful beer. This taste comes from the pine needles used in the brewing process which is nice, but little different to the sensations produced by the glut7.0
Bad AppleCarlsberg5.104-blend cider with a slight tang in main body, and sherbet at end. Touch of inspiration from US ciders.7.5
KasztelanCarlsberg Polska 6.80Strong pils, but clean and crisp, with only slight cream of other Polish beers. Still has a fulnes sin throat. Lots of fizz tingle on tongue, slightly sour aftertaste.7.5
Harvest PaleCastle Rock3.80Supreme Champion at the 2010 GBBF. Good easy-drinking blonde beer with mild bite in a/t. Decent drink, but might as well be called 'Discovery' with all the similaraties it has with Fullers beer.7.5
Red Riding HoodCastle Rock4.30Reddish beer, with bitterness and fruit.7.0
Down Down CiderCeltic Marches4.60A normal golden style cider, which is drinkable but uneventful. Made in collaboration with Status Quo. So 'normal' is probably intentional!7.0
Sagres BohemiaCentral de Cervejas6.20Brown red, without head. Slightly hoppy aftertaste.5.0
Sagres PretaCentral de Cervejas4.10Dark beer, with deep red and ruby color. Harsh bitterness. If you hate coffee - you'll score this 3.7.0
Cubanero FuerteCerveceria Bucanero5.40Golden with light malt. Not boring, just unadventurous. At least not a bland lager as expected7.0
Cubanero FuerteCerveceria Bucanero5.40Golden with light malt. Not boring, just unadventurous. At least not a bland lager as expected7.0
CintraCervejarias4.80Little yellow, clean pils, with slight bitterness, but lots of fizziness5.0
CoralCervejas da Madeira5.30Straightforward pils that comes across as fizzy water4.0
Moritz (bottle)Cerveses Moritz5.40An improved version over the cask equivalent. Favourable parallels to Sagres Bohemia8.0
FraisesChapeau De Troch3.50Fresh strawberries. Similar to a triffle, or jelly. Because it’s got the creaminess of a triffle. And the fresh is because it tastes like real fresh straws have been used, and not concentrate.8.0
Oude de GeuzeChapeau De Troch6.00Very sour, straight apple fruit hit. Slightly cloudy with a golden haze.7.0
Lambic ExoticChapeau De Troch3.50Very strong fruit hit, with tartness and sweet touches around the mouth.6.0
PerlaChmielowa6.00Big creamy malt. Fulsome pils. Needs foods to balance.7.5
Noire de SlackChristophe Noyon5.40A brune that's strong on coffee, and a touch sweeter than espresso. Better once rested for 10 minutes, although it's more bland.6.5
Gravediggers mildChurch End3.80Mild taste, with burnt nose, and resonating soft toffee taste. A light porter. Dry on aftertaste.7.5
Westgate GoldClark's4.20A pale musky cider colour, with slightly fruity bitterness. Aroma of meadows.7.0
Henry's Heady DazeClarks3.60Light golden, strong hops. Easy session. Nothing special.6.5
Black Jack PorterCliff Quay4.50Named for the anisseed sweet, much more pronounced in aroma, less in taste. If only it could have followed through.7.5
Gunpowder Strong MildCoach House3.80Sweet and smooth mild, with traditional black colouring. Slight aftertaste of note, but preceeding emptiness is disappointing.5.0
Monkey MangoCockeyed Cider Company4.00A very slight drink: slightly sweet, slightly sharp, slightly mango. Refreshing, though, but bland7.0
Old BloomerConcrete Cow4.70Light ruby in colour, and put under the 'best bitter' category. Overiding hazlenut flavours, and strong pungent aroma to match. Vibrant fizzy ale, which settles down in aftertaste. Slightly sharp.5.0
Honey FayreConwy4.50Smooth beer, despite lots of bitter sediment at bottom. Standard ale, drinkable, with touch of the Welsh version of Double Dragon7.5
Coopers Sparking Ale Coopers5.80Light, fizzy, and refreshing, with golden colour and quite sweet malts. Yeast must be suspended.8.0
Farmhouse CiderCornish Orchard4.80Fruit aromas and apple flavour. Mellow, and easy entry level.7.5
Three Point EightCotswold 3.80Yellow gold and musky aroma. Rounded and balanced flavour; could be session, but gas might be prohibitive.7.0
Winter WoollyCotswold Lion Brewery6.70Black w/slight cola foam. Nutty. Reasonably smooth.7.5
Countryman Sweet CiderCountryman 6.50Good sweet cider7.0
MalzbierCramer0.00Very dark brown red body, fine head. Malt syrup but goes down smooth despite appearance. Slight hold on aftertaste. Hints of honey8.5
Oliver's DownfallCromwell's6.50Slightly tart, medium sweet, cider. Matured in whisky casks, not that you'd tell7.0
Roundhead PerryCromwell's5.20Simple perry. Direct in flavour. Highly drinkable.8.0
Monkman's SlaughterCropton6.00Full rounded beer which is nicely rich and warmed like a coal fire at midnight. A full-rounded mouthfeel and taste reminiscent of fruit and nut chocolate, slightly over burnt with caramel.8.0
Yakima GoldCrouch Vale4.20Very pale with earthy aroma. Amarillo hops. Passable, if unadventurous.7.0
Esthwaite BitterCumbrian3.90Golden beer with 5 malts, and 1 hop (Cascade). It's unexpectedly balanced, but with an astringent quality that lets it down. Becomes dry on palate7.0

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