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BeerBreweryABV (%)CommentsScore:/10
Windy MillerSail Brewery3.80Dark, rich and fruity. Smooth mouth feel with rolling berry-like tannins on the tongue.7.0
Hazelnut Coffee PorterSaltaire4.60A conflicted beer, which is smooth but not really a porter. With coffee for sure, but barely notes of hazelnut.8.0
Shaky BridgesSandford6.00Fizzy, slightly sweet cider. Light orange to color and orange rind in after taste. Inoffensive.7.0
RhubarbedSandford Orchard's5.50Tang of rhubarb, hence the name, but despite the gimmick is dry-to-medium and complex.8.0
PostmistressSandstone4.40Dark red in colour and smokey a/t. Worth trying.7.5
Poachers AleSandstone4.40Weak and fizzy.5.0
BloneSavour5.80Pine and fruity are lurking here, but it was too skunky and stodgy to get through6.0
SparklingSavour10.50Floral, honey and spice on the nose, with bright fizz. Presentation is of champers with similar expectations, but misses. Therefore, drink is a let down, when it shouldn't be.7.0
Rød QuinuaSøgaards Bryghus4.50Golden red beer with fruit blossom. Morrello (sour) cherry. Not sure if this is trying to be a ruby beer and misses or a fruit beer and makes it.8.0
LOASøgaards Bryghus5.30Subtle citrus aroma, browney red color. Hints of golden syrup with nut but not sweet. Would be good with sweet and sour style Thai or Chinese dishes 6.5
Utzon Center BlondSøgaards Bryghus5.00Cloudy appearance with citrus pine smell, with a hint of honey. Light citrus taste with misplaced bitterness. Tastes like the smell of lemon fairy liquid3.5
Utzon Center DarkSøgaards Bryghus5.60Solid black appearance, but the base maintains a transparency with visible suspended grain. Distinctive smell roasted malts, follows in taste, reminiscent of good English mild stout. Good accompaniment to a traditional home made steak pie8.0
JomfruhumleSøgaards Bryghus4.80Subtle grain aroma, and coloured a deep red. Strains of mild ESB and/or similarity to Doom Bar.7.5
KlosterbrygSøgaards Bryghus5.50Cloudy golden colour with fresh orange smell. Wheat beer with extra bitterness6.5
StrandgaperSchelde Brouwrik6.20Musky golden with tart stringent notes, with dry banana a/t, giving it more a wheat beer feel than blond of its description7.5
EkuSeyBrew0.00Light ruby beer5.0
Farmhouse Medium CiderSheppy's6.00Harsh, sour, and not effective. Maybe usable as a mixer4.0
Sierra Nevada Pale AleSierra Nevada5.60Bottle conditioned with truly golden colour. Looks of honey, but taste slightly apricot and/or peach.6.0
NikolaiSinebrychoff 4.50Finnish beer that's slightly above the norm for a session ale. Simple pils, but with nice tang. 5.5
KoffSinebrychoff brewery4.50Finnish beer. Clean pils, but nothing special5.0
Sion KolschSion 4.80Smooth, mildly hoppy, and refreshing. Light in colour and taste, not really a pils, but simple.7.0
Betty StogsSkinners4.00Cloudy and slow to settle, light bitter colour, biscuit in there, with good mouthfeel, but stains palete slightly - certainly more than it should for session ale (for which this would otherwise be perfect)7.0
Lushington'sSkinners4.20Very pale and light beers, with fruity session qualities. 7.0
Slaapmutske TripleSlaapmutske8.10Herbal and flora aroma and taste. Solid triple style. Livliness in aftertaste7.0
HoggleysSolstice Stout5.00Expectant black stout using malt and wheat. The latter takes the edge of what should be brilliant, since nothing exists in a pure enough form to shine through. Did win ''best local drink'' for Northamptonshire, which might appeal to those that share the water table, but misses the mark for those that don't. Still good.7.5
Castle Milk StoutSouth African Breweries, SABMill6.00Black body, creamy head. Surprising refreshing.7.5
Dark FantasticSpectrum3.50Mild with dark ruby colour. Sweet-ish, with a flavour of caramel, toffee, and malt.7.0
Springhead LibertySpringhead Brewery3.80Fullsome mouthfeel, heavy bitter on back on tongue in a/t. Texture of light porter.7.0
Clouded YellowSt Austell4.80Delicate bottle conditioned with citrus, spices, and vanilla. Slight maple tastes, but destroyed slightly by over carbonation. Interestingly brewed with 50% wheat and 50% barley.7.0
Black BuffleSt Austell4.50A mild, but with fizz. Satiates too quickly, but otherwise pleasant.6.5
GrottenbeirSt Bernadus 6.50Aromatic dark ale, thin, but nice taste. CO2 holds in the mouth8.0
Abbey St MartinSt Martins5.70Slightly sweet malt and spices make this a reasonable brune but ultimately non-descript7.0
St. Bernardus Abt 12St. Bernardus10.50Rich ruby brown colour with spice and herbs in the taste, alongside the typical caramel and chocolate.9.0
ProvhaStaropramen4.00Light version of Staropramen, similar to a Becks vier. Crisp, dry, and fizzy. A Czech-lite experience.8.0
Dubble bruinSteenbrugge (Palm)6.50Gentle brown, but the real taste comes in the aftertaste, where it’s still gentile " but agreeable.7.0
Edinburgh GoldStewart4.80Standard light pale ale. Inoffensive.7.0
Stone Caligornia Double IPAStone Brewery7.00Surprising deep golden ale. Hoppy (natch!) with malt backing.7.5
Black AleStone Brewing Co.5.00Sillky black, heading to Budvar black, with many added hops so feels like American IPA7.5
BuddingStroud4.50A straw coloured pale ale - a standard that ticks all the boxes with sweet malt and floral.7.5
Huna RedSunny Republic4.00Not red, but good biscuit, but too much potential lost with the citrus hop.6.5
Choko StoutSvaneke Bryghuset5.70Pitch black beer with cola-like foam. Choc and vanilla aroma and smooth fluid mouth feel with a holding chocolate aftertaste akin to melted chocolate. Tastes like combination of dark and milk chocolate, like a gooey choc brownie. Good final beer of evenin9.0
Double Brown AleSvaneke Bryghuset5.70Raisin aroma with sour dough mouthfeel. Deep brown, foamy head, gives way to quaffable, session brown ale, more taste in aftertaste that during drinking.8.0
Den Udødelige HestSvaneke Bryghuset7.50Guinness dark colour with dark brown foam head. Strong grain aroma. Caramel, roasted grain, very rich and filling taste, but a little too fizzy on after taste.8.5
Skipper Clememts American Pale ASvaneke Bryghuset5.70Musty golden colour and floral aroma. Average pale ale, with nothing to distinguish it from other beers. Unfiltered but with little residue.5.0
ClassicSvaneke Bryghuset4.60Golden brown colour with good head. Smell of grain. Taste of grain - with a lingering after taste, easy drinker. Better with food than alone.6.5
Syd-Øst for ParadiseSvaneke Bryghuset3.50Floral aroma over a pale golden colour. Slight head and moderate fizz. Distinct elderflower flavour with a mild hop bitterness. Light and refreshing.6.5
Mørk GuldSvaneke Bryghuset5.70Red brown colour. Malted grain on nose. Very bitter with hints of caramel. Unfiltered with little residue and unpasteurised.7.0
StoutSvaneke Bryghuset5.70Jet black beer with no head. Subtle grain aroma. Taste of Hovis granary wholemeal bread (the raisin bit) slight bitter after taste6.5

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