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BeerBreweryABV (%)CommentsScore:/10
Red EmberH Prick Brewery4.60Slight red bitterness on side on mouth, although not a particularly great ruby, but it is pleasant in colour. Taste doesn't hold. No aftertaste or bite.6.5
Keizer KarelHaacht9.00Blonde Belgian beer with truly wonderful aroma. Hoppy and light, but heavy in alcohol. Intriguing.8.0
Hacker-Pschorr Braumeister PilsHacker-Pschorr5.00Golden, clear, with head. As good as most other Munich-style beers.8.0
Blackeney Red SV PerryHacks6.20Smooth, sweet, rounded, no sticky aftertaste.7.5
Fursty FerretHall and Woodhouse4.40Golden orange colour. Off-white head, and toffee aroma. Fruit, citris,pepper tastes, with a good (but not overpowering) caramel taste.9.0
Red hunterHammerpot4.30Flowing red ale with roasted malt, and long finish. Prefix with Red Barn (e.g.) to get an extra coffee hit7.5
Old TripHardy and Hansons4.70Fizzy head, thin but firm bitter taste. Really good bitter on aftertaste.7.0
Port EllenHartlands6.80Whisky cask, dark golden, sharp tartness, especially in aftertaste. Gulp, not sim, to get extra sharp hit.7.5
Good King LeglessHarviestoun4.50Mellow taste, that drops smoothly down, with a bite at the back. Sharp bitterness at back of tongue. Slight scent of orange peel and malt.7.0
Old Engine OilHarviestoun0.00Black, no head, molasses, touch of licorice without the aniseed bit (i.e. sugar cane syrup) but moderately thin on quaff, filling out on tonigue with mouthfeel. (Sim. Meantime porter, but better)7.0
SchiehallionHarviestoun4.80Hoppy, strong and spicy which jumps out; something to remind you that lager can bite. 8.5
Roisin TayberryHeather4.20Overpowering on Tayberry (whatever fruit that is!) Entirely dependent on whether you like that specific fruit!5.0
Blakeney RedHecks6.50Enjoyable tartness, good kick, Wonderful!8.5
Kingston BlackHecks8.00Strong dry, spicy tang. Tout at back. Single blend cider with a lot of complexity. Cloudy cider withyellow, orange and gold colours.9.5
Cider Lady's Finger SVHecks6.50A surprisingly vingery taste, and not that pleasant. Surprising, given the maker.5.0
Organic BlondeHepworth5.00Clean golden colour and strong floral aroma. Similar to Asahi. Touch fizzy on start, settles to easy malt base. Lack of real a/t (but unlike Asahi, still strong on palete)7.5
Hidden PintHidden Brewery3.80Mid brown with light hop aroma, and bitter finish. Decent enough, but uneventful6.0
Orkney BlastHighland6.00Golden fullsome mouthfeel to remind you it's light , but strong biscuit malt a/t ultimately sits heavier on pallet. Woody aroma.7.5
Auld HempHighland Brewery3.80Soft in taste and mouthfeel. Possibly session beer for newbies. Nothing to remember.6.0
HoboHobo Beer co5.10Smooth creamy texturing, but lacking any bite. But it's a craft czech lager in a can!?!?6.0
Verboden VruchtHoegaarden0.00The forbidden fruit with adam and eve label. Melted honey on toast flavour, with fizz. Medium brown husk appearance with shade similar to Grottenbier. Smooth, enjoyable8.5
Hoegaarden RoséHoegaarden, InBev4.50Very fruity nose, very little as it goes down, but very little sweetness. Framboise dies quickly.8.0
Panking PoleHogan's6.20With a sharp bite and tanin-lead this is a dry officianado's cider. Golden, cloudy, and strong finish7.0
A over THogsback9.00A strange beer from this, usually traditional, brewery. Very strong in alcohol and flavour, like liquid raisins - which occupy nose and pallet. For dedicated fans only.8.0
Pickled SantaHopback6.00Fizzy and spicy, with good over notes. Has feel of Christmas beer, and strong enough to make you fall asleep in front of the fire7.5
TaiphoonHopback Brewery4.20Light ale with corresponding light golden colour. Soft foam head, and delicate taste. Primary tang is lemongrass, making it good for mild curries (as anything stronger would destroy the taste) slight fruityness also. Although soft cream and mixed hop tast8.0
Ruby MildHopshackle5.80Dark ruby in colour, with light foam head. Basic malt aromd, but sweet malts means strains of Belgian stout, "Hercule" are here - only without the licorice.8.0
Tomos Watkins - Cwrw HafHurns4.20Ruby amber, moderate foam. Caramel, sparkling co2 mouthfeel, biscuit aftertaste. Some rubber aroma.7.0
Fortis roseHuyghe0.00Similar to Wittekek rose, not sweet, less strong tastes, can fill cheeks with fruit (like cider)7.0
Hydes Trojan HorseHydes Brewery4.20Smooth, non-fizzy texture. Rounded malt taste. Ok balance of bitter-sweet.6.0

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