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BeerBreweryABV (%)CommentsScore:/10
Sara's Ruby MildMagnolia Brew Pub3.90Very light with a touch of ruby, even less of mild. Fizz, especially on a/t.6.0
Billy Sunday BitterMagnolia Brew Pub4.70Musky homebrew aroma with golden body and small foam head. Smooth rich, like English ale (Abbot, possibly) despite initial misgivings. Session alt. Not overtly suitable for food.8.0
Cole PorterMagnolia Brew Pub4.80Black with brown foam head. It's dry w/bitterness but the malt notes are only present in a/t, and limited at that. Psychosomatic traces of coffee. Looks the part, but doesn't deliver6.0
Malheur Dark BrutMalheur 12.00Very strong, burnt caramel, disparates flavours with good complexities8.0
TagusMare Nostrum5.00Fizzy, straight pils4.0
Sweet ChariotMarston4.80Spicy, strong smell on nose - but not palette, citrus fruit and hops.7.5
Burton BitterMarston3.80Golden red in colour, but a light beer, with slight hoppy tang, and biscuit taste as it washes past. 7.5
Dragons TaleMarstons4.50Rich red and creamy mouthfeel. Very little bitterness, which hangs in the a/t.5.0
Nelson SauvinMarstons4.00NZ hop. Clear biscuit golden, no head or co2. Refreshingly clean, slight cloy omn palate. Slight hold on a/t. Sip to get strong hop. Gulp for refreshment. Satiates by pint end. Aroma of gooseberry/grapefruit/citrus7.5
George's BestMauldons4.40Light golden colour, but very smooth mouthfeel. Bitter has soft touch, with it hitting soft but fair at start, and disappates in mouth.6.0
Chocolate BeerMeantime6.50Looks like dark chocolate beer, but has harsh bitterness on sides. Feels like Guiness, but without the solidness between.5.5
IPAMeantime7.50Masculine beer, with aromatic nose. Light but full bitterness, with slight rough after-taste.8.0
UnionMeantime4.90Vienna-style dark lager. Very fizzy, but sunset brown/red. Slight bitter, but fizz throughout which feels odd given the other parameters.7.0
Smocked BockMeantime0.00Smooth, slightly fizzy, smokey aroma and taste, but subdued by soft malt mouth feel7.5
RaspbeeryMeantime6.50Defies expectation: not Belgian in style. Not sweet. Slight sour taste, growing in after-taste. (sour difference here is akin to that of cherry and morella cherry). Good approach to sourness, but no sense of wonder like a good gueze.6.0
Coffee PorterMeantime6.00Aroma of unroasted beans, taste of cold coffee. Drinkable in an odd way. Enjoyment is 100% linked to coffee (unlike coffee-like milds). Similar to Temptation (Durham)8.0
London LagerMeantime4.50Light golden with streaming fizz. Light malt taste which disapates quickly, but returns with covering in a/t. Dry fizz. An Anglized Kasteel Cru.7.0
London Pale AleMeantime4.30Husky golden without head, but very light surface foam. Rounded crystal malt and light biscuit taste. Could satiate quickly7.0
Union Amber AleMeantime4.90Amber ale is not amber! It's a light reddish brown, Vienna-style lager. Dry finish but wet a/t with too much fizz to make it a quaffer. Leads to a sipping drink, which leads to a lesser taste than you want with red and Vienna's.7.5
London StoutMeantime4.50Black with tinges of deep red if held to light. Finger-high foam head. Deep roast tastes, leading lighter in a/t, which leaves tingle (asking you to return.) Magically hidden smoke. Blow-torched vegemite-on-toast. Dry finish, but not so bitter8.0
Winter TimeMeantime5.40Browish golden colour, using a 15% smoked malt. Similarities to licking a humbug sweet. Decent session ale, but needs more fizz to punch through the smoke.7.0
IPAMeantime7.50Caramel fused with Belgium-based blonde. Full, bouncy, with sparkling bitter on tongue in a/t.8.0
London PorterMeantime6.50Very strong, dark red with black tinges. Smoked chocolate and brown malts and 100% fuggle hop. Caramelized sugar taste, but without the overpowering sweetness. Rich aroma, with slight raisin. An end of evening beer; max 2 per session.8.0
Oscar WildeMighty Oak3.50A good mild with hints of chocolate, malt, and coffee.8.0
Big WorseMikeller12.00A barley wine, to all intents and purposes, tight on palete, caustic on aftertaste, with an estery/pungent smell. Maybe with smoky food the aromas would blend, but otherwise drink with a blocked nose :)7.0
Fffado AmberMillevertus sprl Brasserie Artis5.00Bitter spiciness. Highly golden.6.0
Kingston BlackMillwights6.00Dry, good follows at back of mouth, but not as interesting or layered as the Heck's cider from the same apple8.0
Rum Cask CiderMillwights6.00Medium tasting, respectable cider. Not as good as their Kingston Black, but decent enough to be a good sign for the maker7.0
Mongozo CoconutMongozo3.50Single coconut taste, done well. It has a musky golden color with a white head. Has an aroma of pineapple and coconut. Hint of wheat at end of mouthfeel9.5
Old Monty Dry CiderMontgomery Cidermakers6.00Golden haze, sour Welsh cider. A little rough, ends well with tight dryness7.5
Moores Medium PerryMoores 6.00Solid perry which builds well, but doesn't follow through with potential5.5
Premier BitterMoorhouse3.70Amber session beer. Standard pint, but good.7.5
RevivalMordue3.80Golden colour, dry bitterness with fizz and large foam head. Touch of ginger, with rounded honey a/t.7.0
Five BridgesMordue Brewery3.80Predominately hoppy beer with some fruit tastes running through it. Amber in colour, but more bitter than perhaps you'd expect. Prominent in part because bitterness carries on to the aftertaste6.0
Boxing DogMr Whitehead7.50Cloudy, and close a perry. Slightly rough. Medium-dry with multiple apples. 7.0
Old LagerMutzig6.90Means "old lager", and stronger than the standard (4.5%). Standard clean French lager, transient after taste. Drink in glasses - not pints.7.0

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