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BeerBreweryABV (%)CommentsScore:/10
Grapefruit IPATailgate6.20Very fruity, but light on beery.6.5
Cherry Blossom LagerTailgate0.00As if a Belgian Kriek had been made with Urquell. Not bad, but you'll be bored after half pint. Cherry is morello cherry in taste.7.0
Sweetheart StoutTennent Caledonian Breweries2.00Pours with consistency of cola, but less fizz. Aroma is spicy and sweet-between cinnamon and aniseed, which follows in the tastes. Thin, un-stout like. Holds well, easy drinker.7.5
Texels BockTexels (Lowlander)7.00Light body with rich tastes. caramell touch with soft tongue finish. Like M+S Belgium Lager, but with darker overtones7.5
Cheddar ValleyThatcher's6.00Strong cloudy with full flavour, which bites too much (and becomes tart) after a while7.0
PerryThatcher's6.00A decent, if uncomplex, perry. Have everything you expect, not much more, but well executed7.5
FullbackThe Bottle Kicking Cider Company4.50Medium dry cider, with minor zest. Fairly uneventful. Won a Bronze in 2013, which is probably fair7.0
Le Verger de GivernyThe orchard of Giverny5.00Sweet, slightly syrupy (so better watered with ice). Golden color. 8.0
Raven DarkThe Raven of Bath4.20Dark w/chesnut red tinge. Thin, but washing up liquid in essence. Feels like a missed opportunity.6.5
Whisky Cask CiderThistly Cross6.90Honey gives it a clear look and very smooth taste. Quite dry. Drink lots!8.5
Whisky CaskThistly Cross6.90Blurb says: Matured in ex-Glen Moray (previously Glenglassaugh Distillery) whisky casks this is a dry & subtle cider. Infused with mellow, vanilla oak of the cask. Nothing to add!8.5
Fresh Root Ginger CiderThistly Cross4.00Full bodied to the point it tastes like strawberry jam. But it's a clear gold colour and medium dry, otherwise.8.0
Jaipur IPAThornbridge Brewery5.90Lovely bouquet, underpinning the honey tastes than come later. Strong hoppiness, which dissipates into a tight bitter finish8.0
Lord MarplesTigertops4.00Smooth flowing beer with soft fizz and lively foam head. Rounded bitterness and highly drinkable.8.0
BoltmakerTimothy Taylor4.00Proper Yorkshire bitter with very little to commend or distract.6.0
FUBARTiny Revel4.40Husky golden beer with floral hops and dry spice bitter. Also slightly tart w/cream. Tastes confuse itself, but pleasant.8.0
TopperTipples4.50Roast-led stout. Coffe and chocolate blended, just not brilliantly.7.0
Red BarnTirrel4.40Ruby red ale, with rounder light malt and off hop, which culminates in a strong hop finish.6.5
MoongazingTring4.20An entry-level ruby with rounded bitterness and hop touches from Chinook and Citra. Good colour. Ok taste.6.5
Death or GloryTring7.20Strong, dark, and very much a barley wine. Could be a Christmas pudding in liquid form.9.0
Alton's PrideTriple FFF3.80Light golden, but slightly cloudy, sharp fizzy beer with slight malt and growing aftertaste. Won 2008 champion beer. Good standard, yet inoffensive, beer.8.0
MagmaTroubador9.00Tripe IPA. Dry tingle with strong sour notes that tingle afterwards. Husky orange colour, like the bottle, with zesty on tongue.7.5
Ginger ExplosionTSA5.00Strong rush with syrup texture at start, but only with subtle ginger. Quick to satiate. Coating on palette is only available mouthfeel, nothing in taste. Not a ginger beer, and not enough ginger to be a beer with ginger. Better gulped.7.0
Scrum Down!Twickenham Fine Ales3.90Smooth bitter with crisp malty top. Dual malts may deter some.6.5
AurelioTwo Fingers Brewing / Hepworth4.80Dusky amber colour, with sweet nose, and complex mix of sweet, bitter and citrus notes. Compares favourably to a less sweet Leffe.8.0

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