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BeerBreweryABV (%)CommentsScore:/10
Bier AmbreePage 246.90A solid amber beer, with all expected accoutrements. Better on tap, though.7.5
JuraParadox15.00Overly dark and creamy, with a tight pallet and tayberry feel in mouth and on taste. Notes of dark demorare sugar, but without a full sweetness aftertaste. The whisky cask certainly helps here, and while Jura isn't my favourite Whisky, it's good enoug8.5
Paris BlondeParis6.50Musky biterness, touch of sour, golden, low fizz, no head7.0
Paris PrintempsParis6.00Light and soapy. Not quite wheat, but heading towards it. Bit of hop in the mouth7.0
TabathaPartners6.00A flat and slight source dry bitter. Pretends to be a Belgian triple, but is no where near.6.0
Dark ArtsPeerless4.00Coffee and chocolate mild, using 3 different malts. Similar to Tipples Topper in style and quality.7.0
Perry - Old no. 1Penallt Perry5.50Slightly cloudy, light orange, feels watered down. Closer to Perry-lite, but accessible7.0
Redstreak SVPerry’s of Somerset6.00A cider, despite the name. Medium sweet, intoxicating aroma. Good introduction to real cider.8.0
Pheonix - FreshPheonix3.50From Mauritius - selling point 1. Has lemon flavours - selling point 2. Cheap - selling point 3. None convinced me.5.0
ArizonaPhoenix4.10Light golden blonde. Strong hop aftertaste but decent body. Not as dry as the real Arizona.7.0
1850 London PorterPitfield5.00Thin velvet-like tayberry, which opens out in the aftertaste. Still coffee-style bitterness in palate. Better if gulped.8.0
Pivo DubmistrPivovar Vyškov5.00Smoother, darker, almost ale-like Pilsner. (Made through triple mash.) Traces of Debowie Mocne.7.0
Temple BrauPorterhouse4.30Light, almost candy sugar on tongue (sim Leffe), but very light in comparison.8.0
Hop headPorterhouse4.80Hoppy (obviously!) with velvet malt and bitter bite on back7.5
Brain BlastaPorterhouse7.00Golden and compact offwhite head. Sweet aroma and malty taste. Weak fizz and long bitter a/t8.0
RedwingPotton4.80Red means ruby - ruby in full-bodied visual appeal, ruby in follow through, ruby in the malt and fruit aroma. Quickly dying fruit finish.8.0
Bohemia RegentPrezident6.00Dark Czech beer, but disappointing since expectant. Nothing to comment, but have after their blond version since the fizz of the former benefits this6.5
Bohmeia RegentPrezident4.40Very light, thin, almost cider silk, with some bitterness6.5

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