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BeerBreweryABV (%)CommentsScore:/10
GoldenbergGayant Brewers5.90Everyday blonde. Nothing overly prominent (such as hop or malt). 6.5
Pathfinder - Gluten Free AleGlebe Farm4.20Clean and crisp, almost lager in style, with slight touches of malt. No difference between it and gluten-based beer.8.0
Wild Oat StoutGlencoe Brewery0.00Perfectly drinkable oatmeal, but is either 'a cliche' or 'a template' of this style7.5
TournamentGoff Brewery4.00Amber brown, thin head, and old fashioned malt taste on tongue. Slight biscuit taste. Soft lingering after-taste. Thin liquid texture7.0
Golden ExportGordon Biersch5.00Large foam head, very light golden, surprising dry bitter, heading drier about 20 seconds into a/t7.5
HefeweizenGordon Biersch5.50Banana notes are of dried blackened variety, similar to Mitchel Krausse. A/t holds bitneress, although not overtly bitter in itself. Smooth mouthfeel in a/t like thick banana milk shake, or smoothie.8.0
Czeh PilsnerGordon Biersch5.60A "nothing wrong with it" beer. More spice and/or bitter (in alternate sequence) than a Czech variants (or is it just because it doesn't travel), but probably skewed to USA taste preferences for IPA8.0
MaerzenGordon Biersch5.70As given in their own taste notes - smooth, auburn-coloured Bavarian lager with mild sweet finish - with a touch of whisky cask beers. Fizzy holds too long, though, to be a true whisky-like beer. (Think Innis and Glinn)7.0
MaibockGordon Biersch8.00Tart bitter taste, with dryness holding into the a/t. A very perculiar over-arching taste (similarities to Dancing Hen from Felstar). Also named "Abusive Girlfriend", because it's strong abv makes it very bad for you; but the intruiging taste makes you co8.5
SchwarzbierGordon Biersch4.29Good darker ale with roasted coffe-like finish and soft, slightly sweet and dry, malty over tones. But no points of difference from the 100 similar wannabe's in the market.7.5
Myrha Pale AleGoutte d'Or5.00Spiked bitter palate. Cloudy golden colour. Hopped fizz. No head7.5
La ChapelleGoutte d'Or5.00Bright, aromatic foam which bubbles endlessly. Musky. Similar to Karmeliet, in a good way8.0
Chateau RougeGoutte d'Or6.50A proper red beer. Balanced. Tasty.9.0
Govier Dry CiderGovier6.00Dry with slightly sour vinegar taste6.0
Grand Union GoldGrand Union4.20Smoother, less bitter than the Union Bitter and decent aroma. Light, hollow aftertaste.6.5
Union Bitter Grand Union3.70Biiter with prominant aftertaste, but light in colour. Some citris.6.0
Three FeathersGreat Orme5.00Good mix of bitter and sweet. Slight cream texture. Light taste and mouthfeel.8.0
MerlynGreat Orme Brewery 4.90Strong, slightly spicy, with bitter spice at end.8.0
Red HerringGreen Jack4.20Smoked, but not rauchen, beer with nice malt. Made with Challenger hops. Notes of fruit and dry finish8.0
Abbot AleGreene King5.00Full ripe flavours or malt, hops, with fruit and floral over tones. Good for cold weather.8.0
The Abbot's ConfessionGreene King8.50Red ruby color, with sweet and richness akin to ESB, or a Golden Pride if someone tipped berries into it8.5
Fruit de BoisGrisette3.50Liquid fruit, sweet, light, minimal CO2 and lingering aftertaste8.0
Country CoolGrisette3.50Primarily apple. Refreshing. Little aftertaste.9.0
Yarlington MillGwatkins8.00Fizzy golden yellow cider. Full-on apple aroma. Slightly too much syrup. Clean. No sediment.8.5
Gwatkins PerryGwatkins8.00Fizzy, full mouthfeel, continues to tingle in aftertaste8.0
Happy Daze Med CiderGwynt Y Ddraig4.60Non-descript Welsh cider6.0

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